The Bachelor

Rusty, aka Ironsides, is a prolific "Bachelor" of sorts.  The type of randy pooch who could easily audition for a popular network series, which shall remain unnamed.  Not camera shy in the least, he likes jacuzzi tubs and watching lady drama unfold at the dog park.  Yep, a definite catch if you get my drift. 

Workshop Opportunity

Interested in joining me for a class? You're in luck! Mesa Arts Center will be hosting an exclusive ASGB workshop on June 23rd & 24th. The 2 day workshop will cover Wrinkles, Crinkles, & Eye Twinkles AND Lampwork Cabochons (Simple to Advanced). Please contact Diane Sepanski for more information on how to register. Not an ASGB member? No worries, Diane can help you join!

Tongue Tied

Don't you just hate it when a fly lands smack-dab on your nose and you're too tongue-tied in the moment to catch him???  Worst day ever!  #brunchfiasco #cantcatchabreak #tgifroggiefriday #tongueouttuesday3dayslate

Koi Pond #2

Another koi splashing around with some simple round beads.  The lovely blue is a perfect compliment to the fresh CiM Butternut featured in the koi design. 

Buttery Goodness

Orville is the color of fresh churned butter.  This useful genetic trait helps him to achieve maximum stealth while sneaking into the popcorn bowl.  During movie night, the little guy enjoys stuffing his cheeks full of buttery goodness.  His favorite movie you ask?  The Three Mouseketeers of course.  It received a Whiskers & Eekburt rating of 2 paws up.  All for 1 and 1 for all you can eat popcorn!  

A bit of color testing underway

When testing for CiM, I attempt to pair the new glass with complimentary colors.  Hopefully, the design's subtlety helps viewers to focus on the allure of glass.  Color paired with pattern can evoke such a wide range of emotion, from joy to extreme dislike.  Personally, I find some colors to be a bit more challenging based on engrained color preferences.  As sheer as a steep mountain face, which an artist must scale in order to see beyond the rise.  I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow in areas where I would otherwise avoid organic designs. 

Koi Pond

Bubbles enjoys laps around the pond, hiding under lily pads, and munching bread crumbs... the more stale, the better.  This lucky koi lives a life of simple leisure.  Lazily leaving a trail of bubbles wherever she goes. 

Gone Fishing

A few years back, I had the pleasure of purchasing the Glass Bead Trip by Claudia Trimbur-Pagel.  It quickly became a favorite book in my personal collection.  Prior to reading the lovely book, I found myself trying to cram extremely fine stringer work onto a 10mm bead.  In addition to the fantastic techniques taught in her book, Claudia's use of large focals changed my mindset on size and launched me down a path of exploration. 
This weekend, I had the pleasure of reading Claudia's newest book titled Fish Recipes.  It didn't disappoint.  I love the personal challenge of learning techniques taught in books written by fellow artisans and adapting them to be a bit more silly.  So I asked myself, "What if Claudia's lovely fish was caught in the water intake pipe which cooled the radioactive core of a nuclear power plant?"  No eye rolling, it could happen.  The end result brought a smile to my face.  I highly recommend locking yourself in a studio with either of her wonderful books.  Enjoy! 

Poker Face

The French bulldog Pierre has a poker face of wrinkled steel, however his nub tail is quite a different matter.  When dealt a winning hand, this Frenchie's tail begins to twitch, then rapidly escalates into an uncontrollable wag.  A steady "clomp clomp clomp" drums across the chair's wooden spindles.  Apparently this is a common tell in the competitive world of K-9 poker. 

Available Workshop - Silly Creatures: Big & Small

The Silly Creatures: Big & Small Workshop is now open for registration.
The 2 day workshop is scheduled for April 21 & 22 at the Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, AZ.  
Here is a link to the website to register:

Pucker Up!

For those of you who think it's a wee bit early for a St. Patrick's Day post... well you can kiss my leprechaun.  Seriously, he wouldn't mind one bit!  He's easy like that. 


Bingo night just got real... and no, those aren't tootsie rolls.  The stakes are high and the winner receives an all you can eat salad bar.  I have a feeling that the sponsors thought they would come out ahead on the deal.  Oh no!  They will rue the day they made that the rookie mistake.  Winner, winner, lettuce dinner!

Chess Grandmaster

Found this flier blowing around the campus parking lot.  Thinking about attending...  what do you think?  Might be a good place to get some free advice on bitcoin trading or the down-low on some black market pocket protectors... with a high probability of alien abduction.  Discuss amongst yourselves... 

Surf & Turf

Merpig???  Yep!  The newest mythical creature gives new meaning to the phrase "Surf & Turf."  Her mesmerizing siren song... more like a shrill weep has been known to entice sailors into throwing their cargo of cucumbers and carrots overboard.  Thus devastating the vegetable shipping industry. 
Just to sum it up... she purposely doesn't have a shell bra for a more risque look.  Just letting it all hang out. Yes, she swears like a salty sailor.  Nope, you will not be seeing Merpigs in a zoo anytime soon.  The little stinkers are almost impossible to catch.

Experimenting with Surface Decoration

The combination of materials to create a new color which wasn't originally in the mix is always an exciting find.  Detailed notes help one to recreate the reaction at a later date.  I would highly recommend flameworkers to keep a studio journal of sorts.  Enjoy!

First Flamework Session of 2018

A few projects have emerged from the kiln.  It has been difficult to fit substantial torch time into my daily schedule with work and family.  I'm hoping 2018 brings more time at the torch.  One can dream, right? 

Class Update

A few spots remaining for Tuesday night classes at Mesa Arts Center. Hope to see you there!

A Quote from the Master

"Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering."

Balancing Act

Ever feel as though life is a 3 ring circus?  Are you juggling responsibilities in a perpetual daily side show?  Balancing on the pinnacle of a round red ball... teetering back and forth with a feeling that any moment you will tumble over?  Don't worry, Freckles knows how you feel. 

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Cotswold, Serenity, Merryweather, Sacre Bleu

Cotswold Ltd. Run is a muted turquoise.  The opaque glass reminds me of CiM Quetzal, but with heavy gray undertones.  The glass feathered nicely when paired with fine silver foil and an Lapis Ivory.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

Serenity Ltd. Run is a splashy, tide pool blue.  A dark version of CiM Poolside, the new transparent color boasts a hint more green than CiM Pulsar.  A lovely crisp, clean glass to showcase frit and a variety of decoration.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

Merryweather Ltd. Run is an intense aqua velva color.  The translucent opal glass has a luminous inner glow which easily shows under bright light.  The vivid color is quite stunning when placed beside CiM Tardis.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  I'm looking forward to adding this unique color to my studio glass supply.

Sacre Bleu Ltd. Run is a transparent Winsor blue.  The rich color exhibits jewel-like tones similar to that of a precious sapphire.  Very similar to CiM Royal, but with the slightest hint of regal violet.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Serengeti, Banana Cream, Lilac

Lilac Ltd. Run is a pale bubblegum pink.  The rod seems to have a blush of lavender which quickly transitions with heat to a true pink.  When paired with Effetre Periwinkle, the colors bleed together in a lovely reation.  The hightly opaque color is more pale than CiM Rapunzel in nature.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Serengeti Ltd. Run test revealed the initial rod color to be a warm caramel, however upon melting the opaque glass becomes more vibrant.  The color reminds me of a Caloplaca (orange lichen).  The warm, yet earthy glass is a unique addition to the 104 palette and lighter than CiM Canoe.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  Variations in color can be optained with quick cooling vs.  extended heating.  

Banana Cream Ltd. Run is a soft, pale yellow.  The color of this opaque glass is similar to fresh churned honey butter.  The warm tone nicely bridges the color gap between CiM Buttermilk and CiM Painted Hills.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  Another color which I'm looking forward to adding to the studio glass stash.  

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Oobleck, Camouflage, Amphibian

Oobleck Ltd. Run is a tropical, neon green.  The eye catching color of this opaque glass is very similar to the peel of an unripen banana.   The vibrant addition is a unique color in the world of COE 104 glass and would be perfect for bright, kid-themed designs.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  I'm looking forward to adding this color to my personal studio stash. 

Camouflage is an incredible peat moss color with a hint of gray.  The opaque glass begins to show webbing when repeatedly heated and prolonged working.  The "webbing" which occurs is similar in nature to the antique effect found in Effetre Ivory, where the gloss tends to separate through the flamework process.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.
Amphibian is a pale slate green.  This opaque glass has strong undertones of gray.  The glass does not exhibit a large amount of gloss striations.  Easy to sculpt and shape, the glass didn't bubble or shock during the test process.  

Gnome sweet Gnome

Meet Flynn Farthingbottom, a whimsical gnomish guinea pig who lives among the toadstools.  Some people mistake him for an elf which is pretty awkward during the Holidays.  For Flynn is not the type to hang lights, fluff spruce trees and scatter tinsel about...  it tends to get stuck in his beard.  This floofy, yoga-loving hipster prefers the corner coffee shop over Santa's workshop.  Apparently, the wifi connection is a bit sketchy up North.  On the weekends, Flynn has been known to host epic adventures as Dungeon Master of the Willow Forest Dungeons & Dragons Guild.  Little known fact, the only difference between a gnome and a short wizard is the robe and staff.  Huzzah!!!

Carb Loading

28 days until Christmas... let the carb loading begin!  A stickler for clean energy, Santa fuels his sleigh with high-quality organic, non-GMO deer feed.  Wash it down with a steamy mug of hazelnut hot chocolate topped with frothy whip cream and peppermint sprinkles.  Sooey! 

Snow Confessions

Growing up, every neighborhood had that one kid who got up super early on snow days to construct an igloo fortress filled with an arsenal of snowballs.  In my neighborhood, it just so happened to be me.  Yes, a teenage girl with icicles on her lashes lying in wait for unsuspecting neighbor kids to walk past, then WWIII would commence.  To my defense, I would always lob a friendly warning shot.  Good times indeed!  Until the kid who couldn't take a zinger to the face would run home crying... yeah, you know the kid who talked big and wore his dad's ski goggles, but had nothing to back it up.

Sticky Situation

Beekeeper Simmons left Rusty in charge while running errands in town. Not a smart move... he arrived home to find Rusty with his paw in the honey jar. What a sticky scene! It took 3 bottles of goo-Bee-gone to get the situation under control. What a mess!

Ned the Hippo

Ned is in need of major orthodontics.  Possibly head gear, but definitely not a palate expander. 

Color Guides

Finishing up detailed color guides for the upcoming workshop.  The abundance of information can be a little overwhelming, so I like to have cheat sheets for students to refer to later.  It only takes a moment of distraction to miss something important.