Bird Watching

No need to worry, the binoculars are not for viewing the eclipse. Thanks for your concern safety police. In fact, Sylvester gives the term "Wingman" a new meaning. With his trusty field guide and high power binoculars, he spies cute little chickadees for his shy pal Fritocandito. 

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Spook, Enchanted, Venus, Siren, Poolside

Colors from Left to Right:  Spook, Enchanted, Venus, Siren, Poolside
Venus initially looks to be a pale pink in rod form, however when the glass meets the flame a light peachy amber hue emerges.  Light hazing occurred during testing.  See photo above for bead sample.
Spook is a heavenly white.  The glass remains clean and crisp when paired with other CiM colors.  Over a Effetre Pastel White base, the glass mimics Mother of Pearl.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  The glass does not reveal any hint of red, other than a pale pink glow when paired with purple.  The glass becomes murky when combined with Rubino Oro. 
Enchanted is a pale pink lavender.  When compared to Effetre Transparent Dark Lavender, the new CiM color has a lighter plum hue (see sample photo below).  Light hazing occurred during testing but cleared up as the glass became molten. 
Colors from Left to Right:  CiM Enchanted, Effetre Trans. Dk Lavender

Siren is a pale transparent green.  The glass seems to color shift during the final flamepolish on the hollow example bead.  During the initial testing of the ribbed round, the glass remained clean and crisp in color.  There was a bit of initial hazing during the flamework process.  No shocking or bubbling occurred.
Poolside is an exciting new addition to the CiM family.  The vibrant transparent teal has an electric look in bright light.  The glass held crisp lines during sculpting and the color remained clean when paired with fine silver and silver reactive glass.  

Dead Sea Vessel

First photo from this weekend's color testing. The vessel features CiM's new Buttermilk and Poolside. A smidge of Double Helix Electra for added interest.

Splish Splash

Happy Hump Day!  This whimsical whale bead was lovingly created by Ashley Bonney of Summer Wind.  I added a few simple hollows to accompany the sweet handmade creation.  You can find more of Ashley's fantastic beads available to purchase in her Etsy shop SummerWindArt.  Don't forget to follow her on Instagram @SummerWindArt and stay updated on new items.  Enjoy!    

Testing in Progress

Peaches takes the title of "Quality Control" very seriously.  No slacking off with her around.  
"Back to the torch... squawk!" 

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is a silly little parakeet who loves listening to music and chirping along.  His favorite song is Easy Street by Collapsible Hearts Band. 

Frick and Frack

The comedic duo enjoys traveling from town to town and preforming silly skits at county fairs.  One could probably look at the pair and correctly venture a guess on who is the "brains" behind the show verses the comedic brawn.  In addition to booking their appearances, Frick keeps his prankster partner in check.  If Frack had his way, their vagabond earnings would be squandered on sarsaparilla, cotton candy, and lotto tickets.  I would estimate at least 30% of their income is spent on glass eyeball replacements. Always rolling away during the show's intermission! Frick is a total saint to stick by him, but that is what brothers do.  You know what they say, "Pumpkin puree is thicker than water."

Azure Wings

I'm not a jewelry maker by any means.  Give me a rod of glass, torch, and lock me in the studio any day over the task of creating a jewelry design.  Props to the talented designers who do this on a daily basis.  You are my heroes! 

Zombie Ear

No need to call the authorities, this is NOT a Van Gogh moment, but thanks for caring.   Just an update on last night's zombie round up.  The severed ear can be strung on a necklace to create quite a statement piece.  The message?  "Don't mess with me zombie... I will put a sharp object through your diseased brain!" 

Harvest Time: Zombie Squirrel Eyeballs

The kids woke up bright and early, dawned their kevlar lined hazmat suits, and ventured outside to gather up some zombie squirrel eyeballs.  Like picking up pebbles on the beach, the plagued peepers just roll right out of their little eye sockets.  A bountiful harvest indeed!  After a quick rinse to remove the crusties, the petrified eyeballs are ready to be strung and worn in a Halloween jewelry design.  They measure approximately 10 mm in diameter.  Just message me on FB if you are interested in a set.   

Zombie Squirrel Apocalypse

The Center for Disease Control deployed their squirrel task force to Central Park in order to quarantine the spread of a mysterious epidemic.  Working around the clock, scientists have been able to trace the outbreak to a radioactive batch of genetically modified pine nuts. 
Due to recent advancements in squirrel to human translation technology, we know the squirrels are just as disgusted by the zombie plague:  "Gus, you're hideous dude!  Oh look, more delicious pine nuts..." 
Until a cure is found, the public has been advised to lock their doors and hide their mixed nuts.  Feeding wildlife and loitering on park benches is strictly prohibited within the hot zone.  Be safe and survive.  This has been a public service announcement on the ongoing ZSA (Zombie Squirrel Apocalypse).

Grinny Pig

You may be wondering why Grinny is so happy.  I mean look at him... a big, goofy smile from ear to ear!  One might wager that crisp romaine lettuce, fresh wood shavings, and an afternoon nap have something to do with the gigantic grin.  Nope.  Silly cat videos?  Nope.  TGIF?  Wrong again, it's Thursday you dope.  For heavens sake, get a calendar already.  Give up yet?  Well if you have to know, the postman delivered a new CG Beadroller today, yippee ki yay! 

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Meet Gladys the Grey.  She is 90% Witch, 10% Essential Oiler with a PhD in Herbology.  She prefers brewing vegan friendly potions from organic ingredients such as ear of corn, head of cauliflower, and eye of potato.  Her motto is do no harm, except for when someone takes her parking spot.  In instances like these, she has been known to unleash the flying monkeys and rattle off a curse or two.

Where to Next?

There's no time to be bored in a world as big and beautiful as this.  Bernie is off on another adventure, destined to wander where the wifi is weak... I'm talking 1 bar.  He will have no time in his busy schedule to check email or post to Instagram.  Nope, he will be learning the local customs and brushing up on useful phrases such as, "Is it time for 2nd brunch?"  Passport in paw, he is a travel addict on the road to recovery. 

Lost Coast

Being a home body, I find pleasure in friends' stories of travel and adventure.  "Lost Coast" was inspired by such an occasion.  The picturesque photo captured by a friend set the scene.  Waves of vibrant blue crashing against the weather beaten shoreline.  Windswept cliffs dotted with delicate purple wildflowers which overlooked the torrent below.  The salty mist of ocean spray softening nature's canvas.  Earth, water, and wind in a ballet of sorts.

Dinner and a Show

After months of studying abroad in Italy's finest music academy, Benito is ready to debut his tenor pipes.  Granted, he is no Luciano Pavarotti when it comes to classics such as Ave Maria, however little Benito manages to belt out quite a musical masterpiece everytime the crisper drawer opens.  Magnifico!

Purrmaid the Catfish

Hard to believe some people prefer them fried or in a fricassee. Nope, not me! This country girl likes to catch and release.

Workshop Demo

It was a pleasure to teach a workshop this past weekend.  Special thanks to the incredible students, many of which traveled a great distance to attend. 

Otter Relocation Program

Most of the otters in the studio have found new homes thanks to the helpful attendees at the ISGB Gathering.  Now to find homes for these cheeky otters.  Warning:  They are a bit clingy and enjoy clicking onto your snap jewelry.  Never a moment of privacy! 

Fresh Squeezed!

Need a little more zest in your life? Well if you aren't into the latest album by Beyonce, try the old school version of lemonade. Pucker-up buttercup!

Spoiled isn't always a bad thing!

Finishing tags and boxing up door prizes for the workshop. Students should come with extra space in their luggage to haul their fabulous loot home.  The workshop booklets are coming together nicely.  Seven days and counting!


Butterfly Snaps

Butterfly Snaps featuring Jackie Gundelfinger's amazing murrini. The snaps will be available to purchase in the fundraising area @ the ISGB Gathering.  Stop by her facebook page to order her wonderful murrini to add a bit of flash to your next flamework project. 

Meet My Significant Otter

My studio is overwhelmed with over 50 otters.  Hope to see you at the Gathering!

Bawk Bawk!

Ever wonder where Easter eggs come from?  Push aside the preposterous idea of purple speckled chickens popping out eggs onto a conveyer belt, all while being handfed jelly beans, gummy worms, and Belgium chocolate. Nope, time to put on your big girl pants and face the truth.  Say hello to Easter Bonnie **bawk, bawk**