Alien No. 2

Second attempt at the alien.  This time with a bit more drool. 

That's Bananas

Adding a banana to your daily diet has an array of benefits.  Bananas provide nutrients that regulate your heart rhythm, contain vitamin compounds for eye health, and keep things regular in the boom-boom department.  A popular healthy living website suggests keeping a bunch of bananas on your desk at work... yeah, great idea to infest your office with fruit flies... morons.  But seriously, who writes this stuff?  Blah, blah, blah...  it goes on to say, "you'll be more likely to reach for a healthy banana -- instead of heading to the vending machine."  Yeah, no.  Hate to break it to you but when chocolate calls, an over ripened, spotty banana is not going to stop me from scrounging up pocket change like a shady bookie out to collect past-due debts and taking the long walk of shame to the vending machine.  Oh and you can guarantee that I will be getting the potato chips too. 

Fast & Fur-ious

Lusso Furrari (no relation to the ultra fast Enzo) is a high octane agility competitor.  It takes a master handler to direct this guinea pig in a race for both time and accuracy... very similar to herding cats, but more hectic and involves high pitched weeps.  Lusso trains daily on an indoor obstacle course which includes jumps, ramps, tunnels, weaving, and the catapult... umm, what is the technical term... oh yeah, see-saw.  The judges usually deduct points for his bulldozer approach to jumps, off course wandering, and occasional poops.  Seriously, no clue how he got the 1st place ribbon... someone may need to call security. 


To keep the alien population in check. #AVP

Whoever wins... we lose

For the non AVP fans out there, this guy was inspired by #alienvspredator. The 3 red laser dots indicate a predator has his sights focused on the soon to be terminated alien's skull. Yes, those are droplets of drool on the alien's chin. Really happy with the way he turned out. Totally worth 3 hours at the torch. A video of the detail is available to view on instagram @designsbyheathersellers.


Five Reasons to Join a Bowling League... pssh, as if you need a reason!  

1. Opportunity to kick your friends butts in a competitive venue.  Who doesn't love that?  A darn fool, that's who!

2.  Get Fit!  Most people assume there is no health benefit to bowling.  Actually bowling can help a person gain balance, coordination, and motor skills.  Boring!  Next reason...

3.  Fun!  Pretty sure we covered the fun factor in reason 1, however you can also laugh at your friends while bowling... I mean "with" your friends, eat pizza, and try on smelly shoes while worrying about ending up with some funky toe fungus.  Win, win, win!

4.  Making new friends and meeting new people!  Good thing too, you will need this opportunity to make new friends after your old ones find out how awesome you are at bowling a perfect game.  #sorelosers

5.  $$$  Just think of the sponsorship moola that will come your way!?  The professional endorsements are yours for the taking.  Granted, you will have to commit your life to bowling, train 24-7 and lug around a heavy ball.  Totally worth it to be known as a Proballer!

Frog Pendant

This little guy has a lovely silver bail from Amanda Muddimer at  The perfect finishing touch to secure the pendant. 

Frankly my Dear...

My favorite quote from the classic movie Gone with the Stream. In which a fiery, spoiled Southern otter is entangled in hopeless love for a roguish river rat. The war over water and irrigation rights will forever change her way of life. A sweeping story of passion and courage with unforgettable characters!

New Snaps - Ladybug

A ladybug has joined the snap cab family. 
Limited by the size of the cab being approximately 16mm in diameter,
I wasn't sure if the minute detail would fix.  This little guy makes me smile.  Hope he brightens your day!

Update: Dance of the Butterflies

An array of butterfly slider beads are in the kiln. 
Looking forward to seeing their final colors in the morning. 
Update:  a few beads from last night are pictured below.  Happy with how they turned out. 


Don’t let his sweet cheeks and soft fluff fool you, Hornswaggle can be a real dungbie. That’s pirate speak for rear end.  Argh!  Aside from constantly instructing the crew to “walk the plank *brawk* Captain’s orders ye scurvy seadogs,” the scallywag has been known to pillage the ship’s rum supply. After which, he engages in pirate karaoke until 1am. Blimey! His favorite tune is Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees.   The noise disturbance is unbelievably epic and results in the Hyannis Port Harbor Patrol receiving multiple noise complaints... I’m talking earplugs required to get any shut eye.   Sadly, drunk Hornswaggle is better behaved than the sober version.  Yikes!

Amber Honeybee

Amber Honeybee is a flamework glass bead, completely hand sculpted without use of a press.  The wings feature an intricate vein pattern which is difficult to capture with photography.  The bead was lightly etched to reveal a rich honey glow and measures 25mm in length x 11mm in width. 
Below is a view of the reverse detail.    

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning out the studio and ran across this light/fan pull handle. It paired perfectly with a large focal hanging out on the workbench. To give you an idea on size, the pull measures 4 inches from the top of the metal cap to the bottom of the glass handle.

Tootie Fruity - The ASGB, Beads of Courage, ISGB 2018 Project

Started on my donation for the ASGB, Beads of Courage, ISGB 2018 Project. The theme challenge is food nourishes the body and is an important part of our lives. My project is titled "Tootie Fruity" and the completed display will have a variety of fruit beads placed below the silly Toucan including bananas, oranges, lemons and limes.  #beadsofcourage #beadstrong #mybeadsdogooddeeds

The Bachelor

Rusty, aka Ironsides, is a prolific "Bachelor" of sorts.  The type of randy pooch who could easily audition for a popular network series, which shall remain unnamed.  Not camera shy in the least, he likes jacuzzi tubs and watching lady drama unfold at the dog park.  Yep, a definite catch if you get my drift. 

Workshop Opportunity

Interested in joining me for a class? You're in luck! Mesa Arts Center will be hosting an exclusive ASGB workshop on June 23rd & 24th. The 2 day workshop will cover Wrinkles, Crinkles, & Eye Twinkles AND Lampwork Cabochons (Simple to Advanced). Please contact Diane Sepanski for more information on how to register. Not an ASGB member? No worries, Diane can help you join!

Tongue Tied

Don't you just hate it when a fly lands smack-dab on your nose and you're too tongue-tied in the moment to catch him???  Worst day ever!  #brunchfiasco #cantcatchabreak #tgifroggiefriday #tongueouttuesday3dayslate

Koi Pond #2

Another koi splashing around with some simple round beads.  The lovely blue is a perfect compliment to the fresh CiM Butternut featured in the koi design. 

Buttery Goodness

Orville is the color of fresh churned butter.  This useful genetic trait helps him to achieve maximum stealth while sneaking into the popcorn bowl.  During movie night, the little guy enjoys stuffing his cheeks full of buttery goodness.  His favorite movie you ask?  The Three Mouseketeers of course.  It received a Whiskers & Eekburt rating of 2 paws up.  All for 1 and 1 for all you can eat popcorn!  

A bit of color testing underway

When testing for CiM, I attempt to pair the new glass with complimentary colors.  Hopefully, the design's subtlety helps viewers to focus on the allure of glass.  Color paired with pattern can evoke such a wide range of emotion, from joy to extreme dislike.  Personally, I find some colors to be a bit more challenging based on engrained color preferences.  As sheer as a steep mountain face, which an artist must scale in order to see beyond the rise.  I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow in areas where I would otherwise avoid organic designs. 

Koi Pond

Bubbles enjoys laps around the pond, hiding under lily pads, and munching bread crumbs... the more stale, the better.  This lucky koi lives a life of simple leisure.  Lazily leaving a trail of bubbles wherever she goes. 

Gone Fishing

A few years back, I had the pleasure of purchasing the Glass Bead Trip by Claudia Trimbur-Pagel.  It quickly became a favorite book in my personal collection.  Prior to reading the lovely book, I found myself trying to cram extremely fine stringer work onto a 10mm bead.  In addition to the fantastic techniques taught in her book, Claudia's use of large focals changed my mindset on size and launched me down a path of exploration. 
This weekend, I had the pleasure of reading Claudia's newest book titled Fish Recipes.  It didn't disappoint.  I love the personal challenge of learning techniques taught in books written by fellow artisans and adapting them to be a bit more silly.  So I asked myself, "What if Claudia's lovely fish was caught in the water intake pipe which cooled the radioactive core of a nuclear power plant?"  No eye rolling, it could happen.  The end result brought a smile to my face.  I highly recommend locking yourself in a studio with either of her wonderful books.  Enjoy! 

Poker Face

The French bulldog Pierre has a poker face of wrinkled steel, however his nub tail is quite a different matter.  When dealt a winning hand, this Frenchie's tail begins to twitch, then rapidly escalates into an uncontrollable wag.  A steady "clomp clomp clomp" drums across the chair's wooden spindles.  Apparently this is a common tell in the competitive world of K-9 poker.