Poker Face

The French bulldog Pierre has a poker face of wrinkled steel, however his nub tail is quite a different matter.  When dealt a winning hand, this Frenchie's tail begins to twitch, then rapidly escalates into an uncontrollable wag.  A steady "clomp clomp clomp" drums across the chair's wooden spindles.  Apparently this is a common tell in the competitive world of K-9 poker. 

Available Workshop - Silly Creatures: Big & Small

The Silly Creatures: Big & Small Workshop is now open for registration.
The 2 day workshop is scheduled for April 21 & 22 at the Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, AZ.  
Here is a link to the website to register:

Pucker Up!

For those of you who think it's a wee bit early for a St. Patrick's Day post... well you can kiss my leprechaun.  Seriously, he wouldn't mind one bit!  He's easy like that. 


Bingo night just got real... and no, those aren't tootsie rolls.  The stakes are high and the winner receives an all you can eat salad bar.  I have a feeling that the sponsors thought they would come out ahead on the deal.  Oh no!  They will rue the day they made that the rookie mistake.  Winner, winner, lettuce dinner!

Chess Grandmaster

Found this flier blowing around the campus parking lot.  Thinking about attending...  what do you think?  Might be a good place to get some free advice on bitcoin trading or the down-low on some black market pocket protectors... with a high probability of alien abduction.  Discuss amongst yourselves... 

Surf & Turf

Merpig???  Yep!  The newest mythical creature gives new meaning to the phrase "Surf & Turf."  Her mesmerizing siren song... more like a shrill weep has been known to entice sailors into throwing their cargo of cucumbers and carrots overboard.  Thus devastating the vegetable shipping industry. 
Just to sum it up... she purposely doesn't have a shell bra for a more risque look.  Just letting it all hang out. Yes, she swears like a salty sailor.  Nope, you will not be seeing Merpigs in a zoo anytime soon.  The little stinkers are almost impossible to catch.

Experimenting with Surface Decoration

The combination of materials to create a new color which wasn't originally in the mix is always an exciting find.  Detailed notes help one to recreate the reaction at a later date.  I would highly recommend flameworkers to keep a studio journal of sorts.  Enjoy!

First Flamework Session of 2018

A few projects have emerged from the kiln.  It has been difficult to fit substantial torch time into my daily schedule with work and family.  I'm hoping 2018 brings more time at the torch.  One can dream, right? 

Class Update

A few spots remaining for Tuesday night classes at Mesa Arts Center. Hope to see you there!

A Quote from the Master

"Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering."

Balancing Act

Ever feel as though life is a 3 ring circus?  Are you juggling responsibilities in a perpetual daily side show?  Balancing on the pinnacle of a round red ball... teetering back and forth with a feeling that any moment you will tumble over?  Don't worry, Freckles knows how you feel. 

Gnome sweet Gnome

Meet Flynn Farthingbottom, a whimsical gnomish guinea pig who lives among the toadstools.  Some people mistake him for an elf which is pretty awkward during the Holidays.  For Flynn is not the type to hang lights, fluff spruce trees and scatter tinsel about...  it tends to get stuck in his beard.  This floofy, yoga-loving hipster prefers the corner coffee shop over Santa's workshop.  Apparently, the wifi connection is a bit sketchy up North.  On the weekends, Flynn has been known to host epic adventures as Dungeon Master of the Willow Forest Dungeons & Dragons Guild.  Little known fact, the only difference between a gnome and a short wizard is the robe and staff.  Huzzah!!!

Carb Loading

28 days until Christmas... let the carb loading begin!  A stickler for clean energy, Santa fuels his sleigh with high-quality organic, non-GMO deer feed.  Wash it down with a steamy mug of hazelnut hot chocolate topped with frothy whip cream and peppermint sprinkles.  Sooey! 

Snow Confessions

Growing up, every neighborhood had that one kid who got up super early on snow days to construct an igloo fortress filled with an arsenal of snowballs.  In my neighborhood, it just so happened to be me.  Yes, a teenage girl with icicles on her lashes lying in wait for unsuspecting neighbor kids to walk past, then WWIII would commence.  To my defense, I would always lob a friendly warning shot.  Good times indeed!  Until the kid who couldn't take a zinger to the face would run home crying... yeah, you know the kid who talked big and wore his dad's ski goggles, but had nothing to back it up.

Sticky Situation

Beekeeper Simmons left Rusty in charge while running errands in town. Not a smart move... he arrived home to find Rusty with his paw in the honey jar. What a sticky scene! It took 3 bottles of goo-Bee-gone to get the situation under control. What a mess!

Ned the Hippo

Ned is in need of major orthodontics.  Possibly head gear, but definitely not a palate expander. 

Color Guides

Finishing up detailed color guides for the upcoming workshop.  The abundance of information can be a little overwhelming, so I like to have cheat sheets for students to refer to later.  It only takes a moment of distraction to miss something important. 

Original Terra

Every now and then I like to play with new combinations.  These lovely pairs feature original Double Helix Terra from the studio's private stash, squirreled away for something special.  From left to right, the pairs increase with color saturation.  The intensity of fuchsia is quite vivid.  Sadly, the camera doesn't accurately capture the depth of lush color.

Living the Dream

Found a sweet little lovebird in the kiln this morning. On the agenda for today: breakfast consisting of seeds and fresh fruits, a bath in his water dish, and singing from his favorite perch. What a life!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Hillbilly Hooch

Hey ya'll!  Skeet has been brewing up a storm... not a witch's brew, more of a Tennessee mountain dew.  Some call it hillbilly hooch, but Skeet prefers the name bootleg belly wash.  Distilled to perfection, it's guaranteed to put hair on your chest.  Just a side note, Skeet is the Jug Whistling county champ, so he knows a thing or two about bottling the shine. 

Pumpkin Time

12 pumpkins in the kiln... so happy!  A special thanks to Juston Daniels for the fantastic workshop. Definitely a day to remember.

Furlock Holmes & Dr. Hopson

The game is afoot my friends!  Furlock takes solving mysteries very seriously.  For example, he didn't rest until the case involving disappearing parsley was solved and the villainous perpetrator was brought to justice.  He feels it is his business to know what other guinea pigs do not know.  He often reminds his trusty companion, Dr. Hopson, there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.  Furlock, a fluffy lie-detector, understands a detective must eliminate all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbably must be the truth.  

Puffin No.3

Taking a break from pumpkins for puffins. 
Pretty sure it is a fair tradeoff since both are round and roly. 

New Butterfly Snap Cabs

These lovely cabs feature finely detailed butterfly murrini made by Jackie Gundelfinger.  They truly are exquisite miniature masterpieces.  Stop by her facebook page to order her wonderful murrini and add a bit of flash to your next flamework project. 

Expanding the Series

The "Out of My Gourd" Collection is slowly expanding.  "Slowly" is the key word since each pumpkin takes up to 3 hours of torch time to lovingly sculpt.  Who knew it requires so much effort to look so hideously silly?

The Batty Bunch

Here's a story, of a lovely lady
who was bringing up three very lovely bats
all of them had fangs of white, like their mother.
the youngest one in braces.
Here's a story, of a man named Batty
Who was busy with three bats of his own.
They were four vampires living all together
yet they were all alone
Till the one day when the lady met this fellow.
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a family,
That's the way we all became the Batty bunch.
The Batty bunch, the Batty bunch.
That's the way they became the Batty bunch.